Skin Cancer & Checks

Our medical clinic provides high quality, personalised and individualised skin cancer services that include early detection, prevention and management of skin cancers. Not surprisingly, most skin problems are found by the patient – not the doctor. If you notice a new skin lesion that won’t go away or any change in an existing mole, such as tenderness or itch, get it checked as soon as possible.

All our doctors are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions. We offer:

  • Full skin checks;
  • Both medical and surgical skin treatments onsite;
  • Referrals for complex skin cancers requiring surgeon’s input.

Skin Check Appointment

As the face is one of the most common sites for skin cancer it is essential that no make-up is worn. Nail polish can hide melanomas that grow under nails, so should be avoided as well.

A skin cancer assessment consultation will include a skin cancer history, a relevant family history and your skin type will be assessed.
The doctor will carefully examine any lesions you are concerned about and perform a thorough head to toe skin check. At least 15 min appointment is allowed for this. Magnification, and dermoscopy is used where necessary to assist with the assessment.

If no suspicious lesions are found, an appropriate future recall system will be put into place depending on the assessment of your future risk, and your doctor will discuss skin cancer prevention and awareness.

If suspicious lesions are detected, the doctor will discuss and recommend options for management of the suspicious lesions. This may include digital monitoring, biopsy, excision or non surgical managements or referral to a plastic surgeon.

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