Medical Records Privacy

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to keep personal health information secure from unauthorised access, use or loss; and ensure this information is only available to authorised member of staff.

Medical Records

New Patient: When you become a new patient at this practice in order to transfer your medical records to this practice, please collect the Transfer of Medical Records Form from the front desk, and complete the form. After you have signed the transfer form, our staff will contact your previous doctor, and ask them to send us your records (your pre-existing doctor may charge for release of records, as this is usual practice).

Transferring out of this Practice: When you are relocating or requesting to have your records transferred from this practice to another doctor, you will need to provide us your written consent for us to release them.

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Telehealth appointments available

Due to snap lockdown announced in Mildura, we are offering Telehealth appointments only to all our patients from 11 Oct until further notice. Limited face-to-face appointments may be offered if approved by the treating doctor following a teleconsult.

Thank you for your understanding.