Appointment Info

Online Appointments are now available at the practice for better accessibility and convenience. You have a choice of different appointment types appropriate to your needs. These online appointments provide the choice to schedule, reschedule, cancel and book recurring appointments from your phone or computer or through the website or automed app.


If you have multiple medical issues to discuss, please make a longer appointment to allow for this and to reduce prolonged waiting times for other patients.

Standard Consultation (<15 minutes) Long Consultation (15 to 30 minutes) Extended Consultation (30 minutes or longer)
Most routine appointments fall into this category. Ideal for

  • Multiple health problems
  • Counselling and mental health related issues
  • Care plans and Allied Health Service referrals
  • Health assessments
  • Men’s and Women’s Health Checks
Ideal for insurance medicals or pre-employment checks that cannot be done within 30 minutes.For an extended consultation, please ask our reception staff. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time and doctor.


IMPORTANT: If you have a medical emergency where an individual’s life may possibly be in danger – please promptly dial 000 for emergency services.

For non-life threatening medical emergencies, you can call through to the clinic. One of practice nurses will triage the call and advise if we can assist you. She will put your call through to the doctor, when it’s required.

Examples of non-life-threatening medical emergencies include: bone fractures, lacerations, minor wounds, concussion, infections, nose bleeds, acute abdominal pains, asthma attacks, allergic reactions.

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