Iron Infusion

An iron infusion is given to patients who have low levels of iron in their body.

Our bodies need iron to make haemoglobin – the part of our red blood cells that carries oxygen around our body. It is also important for muscle strength, energy and good mental function. If your iron levels are low this may make you feel tired and not able to do normal daily activities.

We are now able to offer ‘FERINJECT’ iron infusions to our patients.

Our patients appreciate the convenience of this treatment at a time that suits them, with a quick return to their home or work.

After your doctor has explained the procedure, related side effects, and set out associated out-of-pocket expenses, you will be asked to sign a consent form confirming your agreement to proceed.

The infusion of Ferinject is given via a needle in your arm which will be inserted by your doctor, the infusion will run for approximately 15mins.

A trained nurse will stay with you for the duration of the infusion and record your blood pressure and pulse every 5 minutes.Once the infusion is complete you are requested to stay another 30 minutes for observation. For your comfort our nursing team allocated 1 hour for the completion of your visit.

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