Flu vaccines now available!

The flu vaccine is highly recommended for everyone, regardless of health status.

Influenza can make usually healthy people very sick, and is different from a common cold.

Children and older people are at greatest risk of flu complications and being hospitalised with flu.

The flu vaccine can be safely given from 6 months of age. Any child less than 9 years of age having a flu vaccine for the first time has 2 doses, 4 weeks apart.

Any woman who is pregnant or planning pregnancy can receive her flu vaccine safely at any stage of pregnancy and this is highly recommended to protect both her and her baby.

People over the age of 65 receive a stronger flu vaccine as their immune system is not as strong as a younger person’s.

People between the ages of 60-64 can choose to receive a stronger flu vaccine however this requires getting a script from your doctor and costs around $70 at the chemist, currently in stock at Terry White on Deakin Ave.  This vaccine can provide around 20% better coverage than a standard flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine costs $20 for healthy people aged between 5 and 64.

The vaccine is free for:

  • Children less than 5 years old
  • People aged 65 or older
  • Pregnant Women
  • First Nations People
  • People aged over 6 months with certain medical conditions

Saturday morning appointments available for a limited time, for your convenience.

  • Ontario Family Practice Nurse Immuniser, April 2024.
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