Covid Vaccine Info

Pfizer Vaccine now available at our practice

We are now offering Pfizer vaccines. Please reserve/book your vaccination for Dose 1 and Dose 2 through the website or by following the link on your sms message if you have received one. Please note that we are not offering  Astrazeneca or Moderna Vaccines.

Eligible patients can book in the booster dose of Pfizer Vaccine by calling the reception as well (which is recommended to be Pfizer or Moderna, irrespective of if they have received Astrazeneca as their primary vaccine).

All the latest information and frequently asked questions regarding the vaccines are available on the Dept of Health Website.
Please refer to this information prior to contacting us for information about the vaccines.

Dept of Health Website Links

Please contact the reception to book an appointment with your GP if there are further questions that require clarification.

Booking for your vaccination implies that you are prepared to consent for this. If you have questions please book a regular appointment instead.


If you have questions about the covid vaccines please click here 


Please note that consent is required for receiving the COVID vaccine, the COVID-19 Vaccination Consent Form can be found on the link below.

COVID-19 Vaccination Consent Form Link (PDF & Word)

Telehealth appointments available

Due to snap lockdown announced in Mildura, we are offering Telehealth appointments only to all our patients from 11 Oct until further notice. Limited face-to-face appointments may be offered if approved by the treating doctor following a teleconsult.

Thank you for your understanding.