AGPAL Accredited Practice

AGPAL Accreditation Program

Ontario Family Practice has been participating in the AGPAL accreditation program since 1997, and is an accredited AGPAL Practice.

The AGPAL accreditation program is an industry mark of quality and lets our patients know that they are attending a practice delivering highest quality healthcare in a safe environment.

General practice accreditation is independent recognition that our practice is committed to delivering safe and high quality health care to patients by complying with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Standards for general practices.

More information regarding AGPAL and quality accreditation can be found here:


Telehealth appointments available

Due to snap lockdown announced in Mildura, we are offering Telehealth appointments only to all our patients from 11 Oct until further notice. Limited face-to-face appointments may be offered if approved by the treating doctor following a teleconsult.

Thank you for your understanding.