About Us

Ontario Family Practice is a leading medical GP clinic in Mildura offering professional and family-oriented healthcare services to the community of Mildura and surrounding Sunraysia areas. Ontario Family Practice (formerly 202 Ontario Clinic) is a well-established general practice located on the corner of Ontario Avenue and Healthscope Court. Ontario Family Practice began as a GP medical practice on 2 January 1997 in Mildura.

At present we have 3 full-time male GPs and 4 female GP’s consulting from our rooms.

We employ 3 Registered Nurses ensuring a nurse is always on-site when the Doctors are consulting. They attend to vaccinations and other injections, wound dressings and provide assistance for all medical procedures undertaken at the surgery.

Our Office staff is led by a Practice Manager who is in charge of all of the staff and general administration of this practice. Our reception staff includes 5 friendly girls who attend the reception, book appointments, and manage our daily patient load.

We enjoy a healthy working relationship between all of the members of our staff and endeavor to reflect that in the experience that our patients have during their visit to the surgery.

In close proximity to our clinic are a wide range of allied services like pathology labs (Healthscope Pathology,  Barratt & Smith), Imaging services (Regional Imaging). Mildura Base Hospital, Mildura Private Hospital, and a wide range of Medical and Surgical Specialists are located adjacent to our practice providing quick access to various medical services.

PRACTICE INFORMATION BROCHURE: For a summary of the fee structure and practice information please click the link below.

Practice Information Sheet

Improvements to Our Practice in the last 3 years:

Our practice is committed to improving our services to our patients; we regularly update and make improvements to ensure patients have the best care and services possible.

Improvements to Our Practice in the Last 3 Years Our practice is committed to improving our services to our patients; we regularly update and make improvements to ensure patients have the best care and services possible.

  • Automed results and appointment SMS notification system
  • Adjustable examination beds in all consultation rooms
  • Ceiling-mounted surgical light in the Theatre
  • Updated Sterile Equipment Tracking System
  • New Vaccine Fridge
  • New Defibrillator
  • Protection Screens installed at the reception counters
  • Electronic prescriptions to smartphone or email
  • InteleViewer – accessing radiographic results and images online

Mission Statement

We strive to live upto the trust of our patients who entrust us with their health, wellbeing, privacy and their loved ones.

We have a patient centred proactive approach, and recognise that prevention is better than cure. We strive to remain an important and responsible part of the community in which we practise.

We want to be known for our expertise, compassion and professional patient care.
Patient service is at the heart of what we aspire to do, and we are always dedicated to look for ways to support our patients more effectively.

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision statement aims to communicate to employees and patients what the practice aspires to become. Our vision is to make Ontario Family Practice an ongoing medical service entity that will cater for its patients, staff and of current and future generations.
We will ensure that the resources of the practice will be managed professionally and appropriately for years to come.

Appreciating Our Staff

A small act of respect goes a long way

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